Greedy? 10 tips to lose weight anyway

Losing weight is a challenge for all who love to eat. If Oscar Wilde had the habit of saying that to resist temptation, the best thing was to succumb, this quote is absolutely not valid for dieters. Although we are not fond of the ultra-private schemes, it is recommended that certain strict rules on daily crackings before a confectionery or a plate of fries.

So how to lose weight anyway when you are greedy?

1. Emty your cupboards

The first thing to do when you decide to lose weight, is to empty your cupboards. Delete all the cakes, chocolates, sweets, crackers and other calories junk. Give them to your family, your neighbors or children, but above all do not keep!

From there, if you get hungry at some point in the day, you will not have sweets ready on the cupboard.

2. Eat 3 times a day

It is well known to eat three times a day: morning, noon and night. Even if you want to lose weight quickly, it must at all costs avoid skipping meals.

When you deprive your body of its daily nutrition, you create a deficiency. It will therefore automatically store fat in preparation for times when you will not take your lunch or dinner.

Furthermore, the gnawing hunger stomach increases the chances of snacking! You will crack more easily if a colleague offers a sweet, brings croissants or friends serve appetizers cakes.

3. Focus on protein-rich foods

Protein is essential as part of a diet. They help burn fat, but more importantly, they guarantee you a fairly rapid satiety.

So, put on your plate quinoa, lentils, sardines, nuts (not more than a handful a day though), eggs, yogurt and oxen steaks lighter fat.

4. Adopt an intelligent cooking method

The cooking method plays an important role on the quality of the food you will consume. In order to lose weight permanently, you must retain maximum nutrients your body needs.

It is therefore recommended to opt for steaming or wok. Your body can get your fill of vitamins, minerals and trace elements essential to keep going during your diet.

5. Recognize the “real” hunger

Before taking a snack, ask yourself if you really hungry or if you just want to eat.

Indeed, there is a big difference between the two cases and that can help you change your eating habits! The real hungers recognize by gurgling stomach, mild nausea, hollow sensation, decreased energy and concentration …

It depends on each individual, but it lets you know if your body needs strength or if it’s a passing interest.

6. Respect the feeling of the stomach

Satiety is the feeling of having a full stomach after a meal. It is a key factor in the success of your diet. It is therefore very important to detect that you’re full so you can resist going back for more.

The first tip is to eat slowly. It is an exercise that you get used to over time. Take breaks between bites to determine if you should continue to eat or not.

Another trick is to use a smaller plate to limit the amount of your meal.

7. Drink plenty of water

Water is your main ally to lose weight, but also to stabilize it. You certainly know that we must drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day to stay hydrated. It also helps to awaken and activate your metabolism.

So, drink a glass of cold water on an empty stomach upon waking and always carry a bottle of water with you. As soon as you feel hunger or the desire to eat a biscuit (sweet or savory), drink a big gulp of water. This drink is an excellent natural appetite suppressant.

8. Shopping on a full stomach

While shopping on a full stomach, you avoid filling your cart with crisp packets, pastries and crackers. You much better able to resist the temptation if you’re not hungry. In addition, it will do good both for you and your wallet!

9. To have fun once in a while

Cocoa is known for its antioxidant and mineral intake. It is for this reason that dark chocolate is recommended for the duration of a diet, but in moderation of course!

Moreover, it must be ensured that the chocolate has not been too many changes during the transformation process. To be safe, opt for an organic product.

10. Fighting against the greed with natural methods

If gluttony is really your main sin, then try to cure this addiction with natural methods. Acupressure can help, for example. The earlobe can be stimulated to regulate your hunger pangs. You can also press the hollow between your upper lip and nose.

Finally, if the cause of your gluttony is a permanent state of anxiety, try yoga or meditation. By learning to relax, you will suffer less stress and your appetite will disappear of itself. You will arrive finally lose weight!

The whole is learning to become master of your feelings to subdue it. Find causes of your appetite and try to hunt them as best possible. Then, to your diet to be effective, it will be enough to comply with good practices inherent: healthy, balanced meals, physical activity and a motivation!

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