How to lose weight as a couple?

It’s well known: when we live as a couple, we tend to gain weight. Those extra kilos affectionately named “kilos of love”, can sometimes hinder your self-confidence. It must be said that married life makes you want to go out to the restaurant, to cook good food with family and much less incentive to sport! It is nice to stay under the duvet than go jogging.

However, the situation is not hopeless and you want both to lose weight, it is possible! Make two plan will be more effective because everyone can motivate each other. You eat the same meals and do sports together. In the end, you will come much better to lose those famous kilos of love.

So how do to succeed? This article will reveal the method of a couple scheme!

The principles of a couple scheme

The couple scheme is similar to all plans except that it is made by a couple. This allows to combine efforts to achieve the same objective, that is to say losing weight. It must be said that couples tend to gain weight together over time. It is therefore totally relevant losing them together. Each can support the other!

When one begins to fail, the other back the spirits. It restores energy to not give up there way. Indeed, changes in eating habits overnight require physical and psychological preparation. And it helps to know that his or her darling make it too. The event then appears easier and more acceptable.

The manual couple diet

Even if you make a plan simultaneously, it is essential to respect some basic rules.

  • Knowing the difference in metabolism between man and woman

The first thing to know is that the man and woman have their own metabolism. Start a diet is not always easy, especially when lack of motivation is felt. That’s why couples prefer put them together. It may be important not to forget that each of you have a different perception of food and you will not have the same amount of weight to lose.

Therefore, it is essential to choose a customized weight loss program.

  • Do not turn the scheme into a competition

The second thing to know is that losing weight can be faster in one relative to another. It is, therefore, not worry if you do not reach the targets set at the same speed. No challenge should be initiated within the couple during a diet! This is not a competition, but a tandem experience, which should encourage each other.

It is well known that stress is a detrimental factor to the plan. This promotes the dissemination of bad emotion in the couple. With this mindset, there is a good chance that a conflict develops. It will be manifested by irritations and frustrations that will undermine your energy and your diet. Be sure to actually build a partnership and mutual assistance throughout this period.

  • Playing sports as a couple

To ensure that the system works well, it is recommended to practice the sport in parallel. This is an opportunity to enjoy a two-time by doing something you are passionate about. Start a diet is not always easy, especially you are lack of motivation. That’s why couples prefer put them together.

If you choose to walk, you can turn it into a romantic walk. You will not even see the time passing or physical effort you make. Furthermore, it will strengthen the ties that exists between you.

  • Get in the kitchen together

Despite the dietary restrictions of a diet, it is always essential to get your fill of vitamins. For this, feel free to eat fruit and vegetables. You can even learn to cook together a new recipe! Everyone can bring his touch to the meal, while having an extra time just of the two.

  • Review the way of shopping

It is essential to also change your buying habits to carry out your plan. Prefer a maximum organic and seasonal products. This guarantees the quality and freshness!

  • Double the number of water bottles

Do not forget to drink lots of water to hydrate you and also remove toxins more. This also facilitates the transit, which is a good thing to lose weight faster. Also know that water can be your ally at different levels: cold, it speeds up the metabolism, while hot, it helps to calm smaller appetites.

Everyone knows the constraints faced by the other, allowing a better understanding of nervousness times. There is however no question of being overwhelmed by stress. On the contrary, we must avoid frustrating and relaxation. And what’s better than being next to her boyfriend and share special moments with him?

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