How to lose weight without losing muscle?

During a diet, a common question: how can I lose weight without losing muscle? While it is true that a slimming cure is intended to lose weight, we usually want to get rid of body fat and prevent the melting of muscle mass. Unfortunately, a non-adapted diet can quickly backfire. To lose fat without losing muscle, here are 5 simple and effective tips. Lose fat without losing muscle, it is possible!

1. Make a progressive system

If you care for your muscles and you also have a few extra kilos to lose, there is no need to start a strict diet that will make you lose weight quickly but also initiate melting of your muscle mass. when your body is suddenly deprived of its essential contributions, could be “traumatized” and take nutrition (or fat) wherever it can to “survive”. If you want to lose fat without losing muscle, then gradually decrease your caloric intake with balanced meals this way: 45% carbohydrates, 35% protein and 20% fat. Yes, you read correctly: 20% fat. It is essential to our muscle mass. Even if you have to decrease your fat intake, you should be careful not to delete them completely. A diet to lose weight without losing muscle must include all the food groups in proportionate doses.

2. Take several small meals a day

Instead of the usual three meals a day, make it rather between 5 and 7 smaller meals. What for ? Just to boost your metabolism and motivate them to draw energy into your fat throughout the day. Of course, for this to work, you need to meet the daily intake of carbohydrates, proteins and fats set out above. By spreading calories over the day, your metabolism will work more regularly with only three meals a day, where it will be tempted to store the fuel to run the body a few hours between the next full.

3. Bet on the proteins and amino acids

Let us return to protein intake required for weight loss without melting muscle mass. These molecules are rich in amino acids to protect muscle mass but also give the impression of being full. Since they require an extra effort to be digested, they activate the metabolism, which draws its strength in body fat to assimilate. To achieve this, the easiest way is to increase protein intake at each meal and schedule a post-workout snack. Simply ingesting protein suffices to revive synthesis in muscle. So during your many mini meals, do not hesitate to eat fish, crustaceans, eggs, lean red meat (steak, horse steak, game), poultry, nature yogurt, skim milk and cottage cheese.

In other protein sources, including vegetable, are a good complement, we must remember that animal protein are preferable. They are in fact more effective to boost muscle synthesis and limit weight loss (due to their high capacity in branched chain amino acids)

Noted in this respect that breakfast is often the weakest link. For while it is customary to consume protein at lunch and dinner, this is not so systematic in the morning. A breakfast like “coffee + orange juice + toast” for example contains only a small proportion of protein. Do not hesitate to add a slice of ham and a yogurt during a diet phase, to avoid melting of muscle mass. The recommendations are the same for the muscle mass snack, the most important is to consume protein at the end of the session. A large glass of milk (organic) is perfect as well.

4. Remember thermogenic supplements

Thermogenic foods increase our body heat, causing the body to produce and consume energy. These ingredients fat burners allow the body to tap into a snap calories and fat loss without muscle loss. Among the most consumed, you find coffee, green tea, chili, ginger and cayenne pepper.

5. Hydrate

It is important to moisturize daily by drinking at least 2 liters of water a day, especially if you exercise. Prefer mineral water to take advantage of essential minerals contributions to our health. These trace elements provide energy for your workout and drinking also eliminate the toxic much easier.

6. Sleep well

Other key elements to preserve muscle mass when you are in dieting phase is sleep. Indeed, stresses deactivate muscle building. Similarly, it is essential to increase protein intake when you want to lose fat, it is essential to not reduce in any way whatsoever muscle building. During the phases of sleep, hormones are particularly active. Including those that control muscle building. Maintain quality sleep is therefore also vital during a diet.

7. Increase your protein intake

How then organize to stimulate fat breakdown without precipitating at the same time any muscle wasting? The answer is quite simple. This is firstly to offset the increase of muscle damage engendered by dieting by stimulating muscle synthesis.

By following these 5 tips, you can easily lose weight without losing muscle. Also note that it is important to continue to exercise to work your muscles and burn calories.

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